Thursday, September 27, 2012

Clayton Hotel on Hold as Leaders Shut Door on Developer

Its been years in the making.

Clayton community leaders had worked hard to create a desirable piece of land available to a developer for the construction of a new hotel. The drawings were made, debated and then made again. The contracts were nearly awaiting signatures.

And then, it fell apart.

Community leaders had been pushed to the brink. Waiting for more than a year after an agreed deadline passed in order to keep the potential project moving forward, those leaders decided as a whole to tell Krog and Hart it was over. Pulling on the strings of the Clayton community's heart was no longer acceptable.

The forward thinking community is now set to sail ahead and search for someone with legitimate intent to follow through on their word.

Today's full story on the situation from the Watertown Daily Times can be found here.


essay said...

That project was really a huge one....and I am very glad of his completion indeed...I just want to admire the great efforts of Clayton community leaders who really worked very hard to achieve this goal...

Anonymous said...

I must say after living a few years in Clayton it appears the town leaders are still doing their best to stifle Claytons growth. said...

Hmm, that is some compelling information youve got going! Makes me scratch my head and think. Keep up the good writing!

Dave said...

Good job here. Thank you for sharing the information with us.

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