Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Is Lucas a Liar

The Watertown Daily Times published a story today regarding well-known Thousand Islands author Roger Lucas and a report that his work may contain plagiarized information.

Kristen Pinkney, a team member of mine over at Thousand Islands Life, has written extensively on the Diary of May Dewey, a friend of the late George Boldt. Lucas, whose work has included numerous books on the Islands, tends to publish Boldt-related materials.

Boldt Castle: Heart Island 12th Edition is the book in question by Pinkney. She claims Lucas has blatantly copied her work from the TI Life web magazine and included it in his book without permission from herself or TI Life editor Susan Smith.

"His book on page 179 lists TI Life under the heading of Bibliography," Pinkney pointed out this morning in an email. "Gratitude is extended to authors, editors and publishers for their courtesy in granting copyright permission to Research Review Publications, the page reads. No permission was asked, none was granted!"

She told the Daily Times she felt "punched in the stomach" upon reading various pages that were mirror images of her work.

Pinkney plead her case to the Thousand Islands Bridge Authority, operators of Boldt Castle and the gift shop which carried Lucas' book. Soon after, the book disappeared from shelves according to Pinkney. Cornwall Brothers in Alexandria Bay even offered to pull his work from the shelves due to the conflict.

"I know why he calls himself "Research Review Publications." He reviews other Thousand Islands authors and researchers materials, then publishes it, as his own!" she joked.

For today's story from Watertown Daily Times, click here.

Note: In the event I ever find my writings or photographs in a book by this man, I will fight him for the money I am owed. Kristen Pinkney on the other hand is a bit more nice.

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