Sunday, October 14, 2012

Ship Strikes Shoal, Runs Aground Near Ogdensburg

Sedna Desgagnes lays outside of the shipping channel near Ogdensburg.
Photo provided by Abaco Marine Towing, LLC of Clayton

UPDATED (Oct 15 - 11:30 a.m.) Sedna Desgagnes is confirmed to have run aground near Ogdensburg on the south side of the St. Lawrence River.

Early Sunday morning, the fully loaded ship exited the shipping channel and struck a nearby shoal, becoming hard aground and unable to dislodge. The ship is now listing to the starboard side while the bow rests on the shoal. It is not far from the Prescott-Ogdensburg International Bridge.

The ship was en route to Chicago with unprocessed steel and traveling at or near the Seaway maximum draft levels.

The 456-foot long ship, built in 2009, is currently awaiting assistance from tugs to free the vessel from the shoal. It is likely that cargo will need to be unloaded in order to lighten the ship. From there it will need to undergo extensive inspections before being allowed to proceed.

Strong currents will play a huge factor in freeing the ship. This portion of the river is known to give ships grief if under low power or attempting to dock.

Ocean tug Georgie Bain arrived after 11 a.m. on Monday morning.

There have been no reports of pollution or injuries. No official word of the cause is known at this time. Seaway traffic is not effected by the grounding.

A timeline or execution plan to remove the ship is still not determined at this point.


Lynda said...

Hope they can rescue her without much damage. This story getting lots of press in Canada . Safe travels on the water.

Anonymous said...

Ya lets start moving nuclear waste on the river....they can't even drive the ships down it. Every summer

Surly Jake said...

I was driving over the bridge Sunday morning when I saw the ship right underneath me turning hard port side. I was wondering if he was trying to spin around for some reason and was hoping he wasn't trying to cut into the port from that location knowing that he would run aground. Sure enough, when I came back through a few hours later he was immobile.

Anonymous said...

95% of all groundings in the river over the past ten years has been due to a mechanical failure. Most of these failures are steering gear related like this grounding. Oh by the way the nuclear waste you are talking about is not uranium or any other fissionable material it is turbines and other machine parts that has been in contact with the hot side steam from the reactor. Plus it is contained in Builtmoore capsules that can withstand drops from over 20000 feet in altitude and not fracture the first of four containment shells. So, please learn what you are talking about before you open your condescending blow hole!

Pete said...

It was interesting to watch a Starboard-to-Starboard ship passing this morning. The grounded ship was in the northbound lane, thus forcing any northbound traffic to pass in the other lane. Hope the unloading and entire process goes well.

Pete - Ogdensburg,NY

Siusaidh said...

According to a crew-memberfriend, it is the US coastguard that has been aboard. Why, if the vessel is in Canadian waters?

Anonymous said...

She appears to be in American waters aground on the far end of what is known as the sandbar.

Sheilla Greenburn said...

It is good to be always updated of the status of that ship. It seems like they are experiencing difficulty in delivering those goods because of the weather condition. I assume that it they won’t offer cheap freight shipping if they are expecting this to happen.

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