Monday, November 19, 2012

Are We In Neverland? Ferries, not Fairies, on the River

Vehicle ferry Dalmig anchored off Cape Vincent. Photo by Paul Cooledge/
The US side of the river is known primarily for having just one ferry - the Hornes Ferry from Cape Vincent to Wolfe Island. However, in the past week, two others have popped up in the area.

Last week, Amherst Islander was making its way along the river near Clayton when the vessel had steering issues. The crew had to act quickly and drop anchor before drifting too far out of the channel. The USCG responded and the ferry was moved by Clayton's Abaco Marine, to the Thousand Islands Regional Dock, where it still remains today.

Amherst Islander is reportedly headed for Honduras.

Also, this morning I got word from a contributor who spotted another ferry off Cape Vincent. The 1957 built vechicle ferry Dalmig was anchored off shore for unknown reasons. The vessel is listed as for sale by Heddle Marine and priced at $120,000. (Listing)

We have a message into Heddle to check on the status of Dalmig.


Lynda said...

: ) thank you for Your info. about the two ferries , have seen both took pic. did some searching and hoped You would have the answers .

Corey Davison said...

Each and every mode of transportation serves their own benefits and purposes. Cars are better on roads, whereas ships are for seas.

Hildy Billy said...

Money makes the whole river wonderfully decorated all the time. This ferries, including the private owned boats are not only making money but they also help a lot in building a great economy.

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