Friday, November 23, 2012

Canadian Navy Vessel to Exit Seaway Next Month

HMCS Athabaskan is being refit and will need to exit the Seaway before closing.
Photo courtesy of RCN

UPDATE (December 11) - Tugs Ocean Delta and Andre H are making their way upbound from Montreal and headed for Port Weller. They will be the tow tugs.

UPDATE (December 5) - According to a representative of Seaway Marine (Port Weller Drydock), HMCS Athabakan is expected to depart downbound on the Seaway on December 15.

Depending on the time of departure, it is likely in the Islands on December 16.

ORIGINAL REPORT - Reports out of Canada state that HMCS Athabakan is nearing refit completion, though it was delayed from the original November date. The ship will now likely be done sometime in December.

Since April, the ship has been at Port Weller for work being done by Seaway Marine.

Some concern is that in the event work is not completed by mid-December, how will the ship be moved back to Halifax. Tow companies are being asked to place bids to move the ship if this option becomes necessary.

Either way, for ship seekers in the Islands region, the ship will find its way out of the Seaway downbound for Halifax before the closing date - under its own power or with a tug's guidance.

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