Monday, September 16, 2013

Thors Hammer Heading North to Alaska

Thors Hammer departing the
Sailing Seaway Clayton festival in 2011.
UPDATE (Sept 16) - Thors Hammer has had some bumps along the way recently.

A repair was needed in Miami that delayed the boat through Labor Day and an injured crew member held the boat up in Honduras.

The crew member, a Clayton resident, is ok and has returned to Clayton.

ORIGINAL REPORT (Aug 20) - A staple on the Clayton waterfront, Thors Hammer - a former military landing craft, has gone missing from Riverside Drive.

The massive red and black vessel used throughout the region to transport vehicles and other large items departed Clayton on Sunday for what will be a two month journey to Alaska.

RJ Marine, based in Clayton, is moving Thors Hammer from the St. Lawrence River to the Alaska frontier after leasing it for use. A small crew boarded the vessel and left the Clayton waterfront on Sunday, crossed Lake Ontario, and headed for the NYS Canal system. The adventure will lead the boat through upstate New York, down the East Coast, through the Panama Canal, and onward.


Anonymous said...

Apparently, there was some sort of ceremony for the departure- a Sea God was sighted invoking Neptune and shouting what sounded like "A Mare Pecunium!" Does this make any sense? Anyway, it was good to see the boat underway.

Lynda said...

Wow what a trip, would be interesting if they posted updates or utube videos . I took a pic. of her not knowing any of her story. thank you

Anonymous said...

Very interesting, I saw her in Clayon on the 16th while in town visiting my parents, glad I did! Thanks for info!

Anonymous said...

Southbound off Hatteras today

Anonymous said...

Bunkering in Port Everglades on Friday AM

Lynda said...

love the updates , keep them coming : )

Anonymous said...

who was injured?

Anonymous said...

Love seeing this boat underway once again... I worked on her as a deckhand, mid 80's, at Ft. Eustis, VA!

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