Thursday, December 12, 2013

Ship Crew Member Passes Away on Seaway

Update - Engineer was 54 yrs old from Russia and sailing aboard MCT Altair. He fell down a flight of stairs, but autopsy shows he has died from a previous condition.

The incident reportedly occurred in the early morning hours on Thursday. The ship has since continued on its trip.

Original Report - A report is indicating that a ship crew member passed away on Thursday aboard a vessel transiting the Seaway. The name of the ship has not been confirmed.

Sometime late this morning, the ship reported its Chief Engineer had fallen ill. A heart attack is believed to have taken the engineer's life.

Emergency officials were seen at the ship while it was moored at Eisenhower Lock.


Theresa Taitt said...

God Bless This Person And Their Family <3

Theresa Taitt said...
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