Monday, March 31, 2014

Here We Go, River Set to Open

Frontenac approaches Brockville on Monday evening. Photo by Andy Wheeler/Snapd Brockville

UPDATE (March 31  5 p.m.) - Frontenac and Whitefish Bay passed Clayton headed downbound and a slow pace. They were expected to anchor at Prescott overnight.

In the early going of the season, it is believed that night transits will be limited.

Griffon was east of Beauharnois Lock waiting to escort the first upbound vessels of the year.

UPDATE (March 31  2:45 p.m.) - Frontenac and Whitefish Bay have been tip-toeing their way toward the river all afternoon. An issue has slowed traffic along the South Shore Canal, west of Montreal, holding up the first upbound vessels.

Its not known if that hold up is resulting in the slow movement of the two ships on the lake, but it is very likely.

UPDATE (March 31  10:30 a.m.) - An observation by a reader is now confirmed that both Frontenac and Whitefish Bay are on the move and river bound! First ships of the season will be here by lunch time.

ORIGINAL REPORT - The river portion of the Seaway will officially open at 8 am.

Two ships will likely make their way through the islands early Monday after anchoring off Tibbetts Point the past few days. Watch for Whitefish Bay and Frontenac.

Enjoy the ship watching season!

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Anonymous said...

AIS shows two Tankers upbound from Eisenhower Lock. NO Ice Breaker Escort!!

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