Friday, April 18, 2014

Ice Continues To Be An Issue

Robinson Bay docked in Clayton. Photo by Zachary Russell via Facebook

The Seaway tug combo of Robinson Bay and Performance may be spending more time at the dock than out dropping channel markers.

According to a source, the process of placing the markers back in the river is being held up due to large ice sheets moving downriver from Lake Ontario. The tugs headed for Cape Vincent this morning with plans of getting to work on the markers needing to be set in the region, however they were forced back to the Clayton dock.

"If we can't set tomorrow up here then we are heading back to Massena and setting the rest of the buoys down there, then head back up here once the ice floes stop," the source stated.

The river portion of the Seaway opened nearly two and a half weeks ago on March 31. The start date was pushed back from its originally scheduled date due to the ice conditions. Far greater ice issues loom in the upper lakes, such as Lake Superior, where ice remains two to three feet thick.

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Lynda said...

Thank You for the update , with pics. of Robinson Bay I knew She was working but so much Ice here every morn.

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