Saturday, April 5, 2014

Ship Stuck in Ice off Cape Vincent

UPDATE (April 6) - All ships are back on the move after Griffon assisted breaking ice overnight. Griffon is currently leading ships in and out of the river.

ORIGINAL REPORT - A ship at the mouth of the St Lawrence has become stuck in the ice flo moving from Lake Ontario and now an icebreaker is expect to assist. Griffon has been traveling upbound from the Cornwall/Massena area to assist.

Volgaborg became stuck off Tibbetts Point on Saturday afternoon.

Baie St Paul approached the lake early this evening to investigate the lake conditions and decided it would be best to return to anchor on the river. Other ships followed along as nightfall set in. The Seaway remains under a no night transit status as well.

We will continue to watch the situation. Stay tuned.

Special thanks to some of our readers for updates.


Anonymous said...

A ship, perhaps Griffon, has just passed by Maitland, upbound, at 22.55 pm.

Steve Gingras said...

There are 3 ships anchored at Prescott.

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